Is Juice WRLD The Freestyle King?

Remember when JuiceWRLD went on Tim Westwood and had an hour long freestyle? Well guess what? He went back on Tim Westwood and did an hour long freestyle. No, this was not a typo or repetitive sentence. This man actually went back on Tim Westwood and did the same thing he did last time.

So where does this put him as a freestyler? We’ve seen many artist kill it on various talk shows. But honestly this is next level. The first time was pretty damn impressive but to come back and do it again is unreal. And to do it over different types of beats makes it even more impressive.

If you ask me I think Juice cements his place in history. He has nothing but TALENT. Not many people can do this so naturally. Even some of the greats can’t. Juice is easily the best freestyler in today’s hip-hop, and if he keeps showing up like this, he might be the best to ever do it.




The first freestyle can be seen below.



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