‘The Last Rocket’ Album Review

I’d like to give a round of applause to Takeoff for this one.

Being the last member in Migos to get love, Takeoff proves that he is not just the third wheel in the group. With all the hype/clout surrounding Quavo and Offset’s spotlight relationship with Cardi B, Takeoff quietly proves that he is the best of the three.

For quite some time I always thought that Takeoff was the best one but it was hard to prove it when he doesn’t even get put on to some of their biggest songs. He didn’t make the cut for their two of the their biggest hits. He was not present for either Bad and Boujee or Slide (Calvin Harris’ song). But every time he was present, he was over looked. Generally speaking, he has the best verse in every song and it always goes unnoticed.

This album gave Takeoff and opportunity to show what he’s actually about. To begin with, he only had two minor features. One being his Uncle Quavo and the other in Dayytona Fox; who as far as I’m concerned, only has this song. I think he decided to have no features to prove that he is more than just a Migo. That he can actually rap and make other kinds of music. Unlike Quavo who used over 10 features on his album, Takeoff wanted his album to be pure. I love the mindset he had. He could’ve easily reached out to on of the 50 Atlanta rappers to come through on a song but chose to ride alone.

Aside from going (pretty much) solo, Takeoff also showed us a side we never seen. He gave us a look into his personal life which was something we have not gotten from any other member yet. On Infatuation, he says “Them material things, I don’t care about the fame I miss you so much that I went and tatted your name” showing the heartbreak he has experienced in his life. On Bruce Wayne he share the first time he was on stage with us saying “Remember that first time I stepped on the stage, I was nervous/ Had butterflies in my stomach I wanted to vomit”.

Overall I was pretty impressed with what he was able to give us. Opposed from hearing about Quavo’s chains and Offset’s Patek, we got a good look into the life of one of the Migos. Also the instrumental selection was a little different compared to the usual heavy bass and drum kits were used to hearing. This album might not have been the greatest, but it was definitely a good start and a great boost for Takeoff.


Rating: 3.6/5

Favorite Songs: Casper, Lead The Wave, None To Me

Sleepers: Infatuation 

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