‘Quavo Huncho’ Album Review

Honestly, it’s a lot better than I expected.

But that doesn’t say much because I didn’t expect anything special. Quavo is very talented and is easily the biggest contributor to Migos as a group, but as a solo artist there is nothing special he can do. His rapping skills are average, his melodies sound the same, and his flow never changes. Quavo has no versatility and it kills him.

The reason why I said the album was better than I expected is because it is packed with features. And it is not that the features made the songs good either but the fact that Quavo sounds better when paired up with other people. That’s why he is so successful with Migos. It is because Quavo wasn’t riding alone that made this album pretty solid.

My main concern here is that the album has 19 songs. That is a good amount for an album, but not for Quavo. 9 out of 19 songs were solo and most of those should’ve been cut out. I mean there is nothing unique between the 9 solo tracks that make them any different from each other. Then the features with Offset and Takeoff were ok but nothing special, so those should’ve been cut out. With that being done, that leaves the best 12-13 songs on the album making it more bearable to listen too.

Just to reiterate, I do not think the album is bad but it was not far off from what anyone expected. It was definitely not better than Culture (both) or Huncho Jack Jack Huncho. If Quavo plans on dropping more solo album’s he is going to need to find a new recipe for success because his sound is getting played out very fast.


Rating: 6/10


Sleepers: SWING, SHINE

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