Most Iconic Moments On The “Aubrey And The Three Amigos Tour”

With still an entire month left of the tour, Drake and Migos have showed no signs of slowing down. Both Drake and Migos continue to energize themselves as well as the crowd every show. Even after playing 3 nights in a row at the same arena, they still find a way to do it. Between the special guests and the celebrity appearances, there has been so many iconic moments and I’m sure there will be more to come. But at two months into the tour, we look back at the best moments thus far.


Drake Ends Beef With Meek Mill (Boston)

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Talk about iconic. This was one of the coolest things any rapper had ever done at any concert. After being friends for quite some time, things took a turn in 2015. After a three year feud, Drake and Meek put everything aside and squad their beef. There wasn’t any news or coverage on the two and this was the exact moment the beef ended. No one knew what terms they were on until he surprised everyone at TD Garden.


Sicko Mode at MSG (New York)

Before appearing at multiple venues, the first time Travis Scott came out was by surprise at MSG. This was back in August when Sicko Mode was the hottest song out. Being at one of the most legendary arenas on Earth, Drake had to so something special and did not hold back by any means.


Migos Brings Out Cardi B at MSG (New York)

Like I mentioned before, you have to do it BIG at MSG. Migos did not hold back either. In her first appearance after giving birth to her daughter, Cardi B surprised the crowd with her verse in Motorsport. The New York native had to cancel her tour with Bruno Mars to raise her child, but had to show up in front of the home crowd.


Drake Performs November 18th in Houston

If you aren’t familiar with old Drake, he has many musical influences in the Houston area. He always brings up Houston in more of his recent work, but during his upcoming time he established his love for the city. This song November 18th is a Houston BANGER! Produced by Houston legend, Dj Screw (namesake of chopped and screwed genre) this song has the chopped and screwed instrumental that the city is most famous for. Playing this in Houston has to be nostalgic for Drakes well as the crowd as every person sang every single word.


Offset Brings Out Tyga for Taste (Las Vegas)

Image result for migos tyga los vegas

Picture by Loud Quality

I mean if you didn’t think Taste was one of the hottest songs out you are crazy. This song flooded the charts and quickly became one of the best songs this summer. And if you have ever been to Las Vegas, the summer never stops. Since Tyga is no stranger to the Vegas scenery it was only right he came out to perform his hottest song in a while.


Drake Ends Beef with Chris Brown (Los Angeles) 

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Another beef ended. This one lasted a little longer than the Meek and Drake beef but it is nice to see it has settled. Two of hip-hop’s legends share a stage and a warm moment here. I don’t know what this tour did to Drake I can’t complain!


Jay-Z and Beyonce See The Show (Los Angeles) 

Jay-Z and Drake have a long relationship so there was no question that the King would stop by. But the fact Jay also came to support Migos is pretty cool too. Not many know but Quavo helped write Apeshit for Jay and Bey so it was only right they return the favor. While being on their tour as well, it was awesome that they took time out to see their friends.


Shiggy Challenge! (New York)

At the time this was HUGE! This dance was all over social media for a while and thanks to Shiggy it landed Drake a #1 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100. While the dance was the hottest thing out on the internet, Drake had to bring him through to MSG to come do it live.


Two Kings (Los Angeles) 

I don’t really need to explain this one but just know Drake bought out Travis for Sicko Mode and then followed up with LeBron in front of the home crowd. ICONIC!


I know there are some more really cool moments, but these were personally some of the best ones so far. With one month left of the tour, I’m sure there will be some more things to add so maybe there will be a part 2. But this tour is living up to the hype and Drake is making noise all around map.

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