The Best Punchlines From ‘Tha Carter 5’

ABOUT DAMN TIME! After 4 years of waiting we finally got the album we deserve. A big question before Tha Carter 5  was released, was “does he still have it?”, “are we going to get classic Weezy?”. Well…. the answer is yes. Lil Wayne is still the rapper he always was and still has the best punchlines in the game. After a few listens, our Team at RhymeSource has put together a list of Wayne’s best punchlines.


“But if heaven’s as good as advertised / I want a triple extension on my motherfu**in’ afterlife” – Don’t Cry

“Back to the block where they got more rock fans / Than a fu**in’ rock band under a rock, man – Dedicate

You just countin’ the money, I’m drownin’ in money / Like, “Where the f**k is the lifeguard in this bi**h?” – Dedicate

“Hair trigger pulled back like a cornrow” – Uproar

“Wring (ring) you like an open line” – Let It Fly

“Take the T off Tunechi and look at it as the crucifix” – Let It Fly

“When money went from army green to navy blue” – Can’t Be Broken

“I got a lawyer that turn any case into a pillow case” – Can’t Be Broken

“If Liz call you daddy, she about to be a bastard” – Mona Lisa

“Yeah, I grew up around dope niggas and cold killers / And most niggas was both, nigga, two sport niggas” – Dope Niggaz

“I could change the world, but I done lost the remote” – Dope Niggaz

“I put my pride to the side, off safety” – Took His Time

“I’m speedin’ past in the newest soft top like the Jewish” – Took His Time

“My new money gonna die of old age” – Open Safe

“I’m fu**in’ awesome, ’til awesome have a child for me” – Start This Sh*t Off Right

“Cocaine, baking soda and some hot water / Kept the fiends comin’ back to me, not karma” – Start This Sh*t Off Right

“My finger sitting on the trigger like a La-Z-Boy” – Used 2

“Put his words on the plate, that nigga ate ’em all” – Used 2




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