Who Will Sell More Albums: Kanye or Lil Wayne?

WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. If you’re born in the 90s, this might be one of the most exciting weekends in hip-hop ever. Both Lil Wayne and Kanye West will be dropping new albums this week and it definitely turns back the clock. If the nostalgia hasn’t kicked in yet, just give it two more days. I don’t think any one understands how great this is for hip-hop especially if the both deliver great music.

Aside from the great news, many people have been asking a great question. Who will sell more? Will it be Kanye because he is more relevant (lately) and more involved in hip-hop? Or will it be Wayne because the anticipation and absence of albums?

*Here comes the rant*

Honestly, this was the dumbest question ever. I get that it kind of makes sense to compare the two and stir the pot, but JUST STOP. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL KANYE WEST DOES MORE NUMBERS THAN LIL WAYNE. 0% chance of it happening. How would he? Yandhi can be his best album ever (I doubt it), and it still would not do more numbers. I’m sorry Ye, but it ain’t happening.

Do you know how long we have been waiting for this album? The album was originally planned to drop in 2014 but for obvious reasons we had to wait. Lets not even consider the 4 years that we had to wait for the Young Money vs. Cash Money lawsuit to settle. Because we wanted Tha Carter V longer. We didn’t want it when it was announced, we wanted it like the year after Carter 4, which was in 2011. So if you actually think of it, we have been waiting 6-7 damn years for this album.

For that very reason, Kanye might not even come close. Like everyone will bump Kanye’s album. He’s an all time great. But this Weezy album is just going to go through the roof.  This has nothing to do with Kanye’s last album being a flop or the fact that he hasn’t been making his best music, this has everything to do with Lil Wayne. Whether C5 is good or bad (praying for a classic Carter album), it is still going to do crazy numbers.

**And now we wait**

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