Top 10 Most Iconic Will Smith Songs

On his 50th Birthday we look back at some of the most iconic songs in Will Smith’s hip-hop career. For the younger readers who only know Will Smith as an actor or a social media mogul, there was a time where The Fresh Prince was one of the top MCs. Working with Dj Jazzy Jeff earlier in his career, the two have released 5 albums together under the title “Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. The Philadelphia duo went on to have some of the best records on Billboard’s Hot 100 and songs that still get played til’ this day. Later on Will started his solo career and continued to have success. With only 4 records he was able to make his mark in the game. Each record is certified RIAA Gold and his first album Big Willie Style was a million sales short of reaching Riaa Diamond (10 million album sales). But even so, 9 million albums sales is VERY IMPRESSIVE and something that most of the top rappers have not even came close too. That being said,  Will has compiled tons of hits that will last a life time. Our team at RhymeSource went back in time to present Will Smith’s most iconic songs.


10. Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble


9. Parents Just Don’t Understand


8. Wild Wild West


7. Just The Two of Us


6. Switch


5.  Miami


4 Summertime


3. Men In Black


2. Get Jiggy With it


1. Yo Home to Bel-Air (Fresh Prince Theme Song)

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