Remembering ‘What a Time to Be Alive’

3 years ago from today,  Drake and Future took the world by surprise when they hit us with What a Time to Be Alive. Both Future and Drake dropped solo projects that year so having either one of them make a new project would be wild. But together?!?! This was honestly one of the best albums by either Future or Drake

I mean just look at some of the songs on it:

Digital Dash

I’m The Plug


Big Rings

Live From The Gutter

The whole thing was FIRE! Future and Drake always had hits together like “DNF”, “Sh!t Remix”, “Never Satisfied”, “Tony Montana” and more, but this album just proved that this combo could do it all.

At the time the only big joint tape was Watch the Throne by Kanye and Jay-Z so this was pretty much the second of its kind. And while Drake was (and still is) the biggest artist in the game, Future was coming off his best album with DS2 and quickly became a top 10 artist. So having these two link up for a whole project meant everything to hip-hop. Til’ this day it is still one of the most iconic albums ever.

With a last second announcement of the release, the internet went crazy when Drake posted on Instagram letting everyone know what he had in store (image below). Before his post there were rumors circulating the internet but no one believed it was true. And if they did, no one was expecting the album to release that week. After few days, the rest was history.


Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 2.46.42 PM.png


What a Time to Be Alive quickly became a #1 album on Billboard 200 and was #6 best rap albums for the entire year of 2015. Although it did not have the best statistics compared to other Drake or Future albums, it was still one of the most iconic albums to ever be released in hip-hop.


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