Will Kanye Make a Big Comeback ?

If you’ve listened to music of the course of the summer, you should know how upsetting it was to hear Kanye’s two albums. Not that they were horrible, but they just weren’t Kanye.

On June 1st, Kanye released the 7-track project titled Ye followed by Kids See Ghosts a week later as a joint project with Kid Cudi. Now it kills me to say this, but these albums were not anywhere as good as they were expected to be. Especially with all the hype following the albums. In my (and many others) opinion(s) these projects were both disappointing and busts. There were maybe 4 good songs out of the 14 and even the best songs weren’t all that great. I’m not sure if Ye was too focused on the production (which was great) or if he just half assed the work but this was not the Kanye we love.

Fortunately today Kanye made some great announcements that could turn that whole thing around. On Instagram he posted an image of a new album similar to the Yeezus cover. He announced that album name is going to be called Yandhi (named after Gandhi) and will be released 9/29.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 11.57.08 PM.png

Then a few hours later, ChanceTheRapper posted a video online of Kanye announcing that the two will have a joint album together. I mean it’s about damn time! The two have been working together for quite some time and Kanye loved chance since they day they met. On the other side, Chance credits Kanye as his main influence and one of his idols. Both from Chicago, their relationship is one of the most special ones in hip-hop. It gives me that Lil Wayne and Drake feel but with more similarities. The announcement can be seen here.

That being said, this is HUGE for Kanye. Not only are we getting another solo project but we are getting a joint album as well. Kanye has been working with the younger generation such as artists like Lil Pump and 6ix9ine. He has also been spending a lot of time in his hometown Chicago which might set him back to his roots.

Hopefully we get the “Old Kanye” back for these projects because WE ARE EXCITED!



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