Kodak Black is Quietly Making Moves

Last month, Kodak Black was finally back on the streets as he was released from his prison sentence. This wasn’t his first time in, but hopefully it was his last.

Since being released we have not heard any news or updates on his music. But if you have been paying attention, Kodak is making low key power moves. With him being locked up in jail I’m sure he had plenty of time to write tons of songs/lyrics. That’s all he could really do. So we can definitely expect his next song/project to have some good lyrical content to it.

If you have been following the hip-hop social media scene, you would also see who Kodak has been spending time with. About two weeks ago he was seen backstage chilling with J Cole. at one of his shows. The same night he was also seen hanging around with Mac Miller. A few days after, we seen pictures of Kodak and Bruno Mars in the studio circulating social media. For Kodak to be in the presence of one of the biggest pop stars is very influential as an artist and person. And last but not least Kodak’s recent photo with Post Malone had fans going crazy.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 2.02.24 PM.png

Today another video of Kodak in the studio has been going around. This time with Travis Scott and Metro Boomin. Travis posted the video with the caption reading “TRAVIS METRO KODAK IN THE STUDIO 🔥🔥🔥”. It looks they have something cooking up for us (hopefully soon) as all three were bumping their heads to the music.

Whether or not he plans on doing music with these artist or even just taking advice, it can be very beneficial for Kodak Black. Fresh out of jail, he seems very eager to learn. Shortly after being released, he tweeted about going to college. There were also reports that he spent a lot of time in jail working on a book. Maybe were seeing a whole new Kodak Black unfold. I mean look at Gucci Mane. He came out of prison a whole new person. I’m not sure of Kodak’s plans, but it seems like he is heading in the right direction.

We will most likely be hearing some news from him soon considering he’s had plenty of time to write some new songs.

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