First Listen: ‘Kamikaze’

HE’S BACK!!! The Eminem we all grew to love is back. After a nice listen, I am happy to say this album does not disappoint. He seems to be taking shots at a lot of people on this album including Drake, Lil Pump, Yachty, MGK, Tyler The Creator, and more. He also points out the state of hip-hop and how he views it right now. The part I like best is how he realizes that his last album was trash and apologizes for it.

My favorite part of the album was in “Not Alike” he was spoofing on today’s hip-hop culture. The song produced by Tay Keith has a very similar beat to “Look Alive” and the hook is very very similar to “Bad and Boujee” by Migos. In the hook he takes the Migos flow but changes the words to “Brain dead, eye drops / Pain meds, cyclops”. Mocking today’s hip-hop, he then proceeds to say “That how much we have in common / Up on this mic when we’re on it”.

Overall its a pretty solid album and shows the classic rap of Em. Calling out names, talking his shit, and spitting FIRE bars, this is everything you can ask for. Plus the features are pretty solid as he gets his man Royce on it as well as paying his respect to Joyner Lucas. Hopefully we see more of this Em around in hip-hop.

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