5 Features That Need to Happen ASAP

1. Drake and Tory Lanez

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It has to be a matter of time before these two make a song together. Both from Toronto, the two used to show support to each other. But then out of no where they started dissing each other for about 2 years. More recently it seems like the two has put their BS aside and are finally friends again. But where is the music? Tory has been on a hot streak for a while now and Drake… well you know what he can do. The two together would make a banger and I don’t know why it’s taking so long.


2. Ella Mai and Chris Brown

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Umm… “Boo’d Up” Remix?!?!? I mean I guess Quavo and Nicki were cool but Breezy would’ve killed it. The two have been seen about a year ago in the studio together but WHERE IS THE MUSIC? About a year ago a snippet made its way around of a song called “Cheating”. But nothing official ever came out of it. Both gifted singers, the talent they can put on a song together would be insane. I don’t think CB could ask for a better female singer to do a song with right now. Plus Ella is signed to DJ Mustard who is no stranger to Chris Brown. He was on “Show Me” with Kid Ink and “Post To Be” with Omarion. This duo is a no brainer.


3. Post Malone and Lil Uzi Vert

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I don’t want to even imagine the numbers would do. Post + Uzi = Platinum. The swagger of Uzi and the vibes Post brings to a song could be iconic. Somewhere in the world there is a perfect beat that these two would get on and destroy. I’m surprised Post Malone hasn’t done anything with Uzi considering he’s worked with similar artists like Yachty and Quavo. If anything ever comes out from these two, just know it will be one for the books.


4. J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar

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Remember the two teased us with “Black Friday”? We thought we were going to get a collab tape or at least a song. But all they did was rap over eachother’s songs separately… SMH. Well the idea was nice, but I’m still puzzled as to why they actually never made a song together. The two have so many damn bars they would bring the best out in each other. If anyone is bringing real rap back, it is these two. And together…. they have the potential to change the game.

5. Beyonce and Cardi B

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Cardi B has risen to that damn level! With only a year under her belt, Cardi has been living on the charts and she deserves a song with the Queen. These two together would put up numbers few have reached. Cardi is one of the hottest in the game and with Bey on here side IT’S OVER! Plus the rapper singer combo works like a charm every time. Especially when it is with two females.

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