Five Must Watch Freestyles: Part 3

This is part 3 of the “Five Must Watch Freestyles” by RhymeSource.  It’s been about a month or so since Part 2, but WE’RE BACK. For these five videos I finally stayed away from the mainstream/freestyles and actually dug around to find these. If you haven’t read any of our previous (5 freestyles) articles we’re going to write a quick analysis of each freestyle and then quote our favorite lyric from each one.


 1. TSU Surf – I-95 (2018)

If you don’t know about TSU Surf, now will be a time to get familiar. Known for his bars and battle rap skills, he displays the same mentality on this track. Packed with metaphors and storytelling, TSU goes in on this freestyle. The jersey native shows his smooth flow and lyrical content that make for a great freestyle.

Favorite Line: “They only red bottoms cause I stepped over the body”



2. YBN Cordae – L.A. Leakers (2018)

Over and over again Cordae showed up and killed what ever track he was on. Well just as usual, he killed this too. He goes in on three different beats including Lil Pump’s “Esketit”. Being known for a lyricist, he actually shows he has to flow and style that runs in today’s hip-hop (but better…. way better). He even points out at the end that he doesn’t fuck with today’s rappers claiming “yall ni**as suck, find another hobby please give it up”

Favorite Line: “Where I’m from you get sprayed like the finest cologne”



3. Tyga – L.A. Leakers (2018)

Sorry for the back to back Leakers freestyles but it is what it is. For those who don’t think Tyga still got it are wrong. He might’ve fell off the last few years but he’s coming back hot. Here he freestyles over YG’s “Big Bank”. And honestly it sounds like he should’ve been on the actual song.

Favorite Line: “I don’t mean Pharrell group but these ni**as NERDS”



4. Harry Mack – The Cruz Show (2017)

Harry Mack has to be one of the best rappers that can spit off the top. He happened to be in the studio the same day as Joey Badass and this gem came out of it. The whole freestyle is Harry but Joey sits at his side and throws out a bunch of different words for Harry to rhyme with. AND HE KILLED IT! Some of the words were tricky but he just let it flow in so easily.

Favorite Line: ” I’m the freestyle chemist like Walter White”



5. Russ – Funk Flex (2018)

Russ is probably one of the most hated rappers by the young generation, but at the same time is one of the most skilled. In this freestyle  he took a lot of shots at all his haters. No matter who he was coming at, he snapped. If you know Russ, there is nothing to be surprised about but if you hate for no reason…. check again.

Favorite Line: “Lil who? Young what? another dick riding clout chaser scream fuck Russ”

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