TBT: A Look Back at Drake’s Instagram

The other day a few of us on the team decided to take a look back down Drake’s Instagram. Some of the pictures we saw are GOLD. It’s crazy to see how far he came. From 10,000 likes to over millions…. it’s been a long ride. The best part about his old photos is the fact he was so down to earth. Before the professional photography and all the headlines, Drake was just one of us. Posting selfies, memes, and material items, Drake  did it all. We compiled few screenshots of some old insta posts and will post below. For the record we have more screenshots but are going to save some for a possible part 2.


LMAO! Obviously everyone knows the Nothing Was The Same album cover. Well I guess Drake saw an edit of him wearing a Kippah and a Star of David earring  and decided to post it to Instagram. Just one of many examples of Drake having a sense of humor.


“On some Hunger Games sh*t I would die for my district”…. Yep we know Drake is a big ‘Hunger Games’ fan and if you didn’t here is the proof. He really posted a pic of himself photoshopped into the movie LOL.


He posted this around when he got the OVO-Jordan deal but the irony is the Apple logo. Who would’ve known years later Drake has a large Apple Music deal and is still signed to Jordan. I guess he already saw his future before we did.


Another LEGENDARY photo here! If you don’t know the other two in the photo, it’s Aziz Ansari and Rashida Jones. Both known for being cast members on the hit sitcom ‘Parks and Recreation’. Seems like Drake is a big fan of the show and had to get his selfie in.



Before KD was one of the most hated people in the NBA, he was THAT DUDE! Him in the OVO owl at the time was so fresh. Having KD repping the brand was about as good as it gets. Too bad this picture means nothing now.


This is probably my favorite throw back photo of Drake. The simplicity of the money and the weed really goes back to his beginnings. A similar photo has probably been on every rapper’s Instagram at some point. And here we have the biggest star in entertainment doing the same thing.


Drake really predicted the future with this one. If you don’t know the girl in the front, it is Jasmine Sanders aka @Goldenbarbie . The fact that Drake had her on the gram before she blew up is crazy. Now she has about 3 million followers and it wasn’t for being on Drake’s Instagram. Tbh you couldn’t even tag people yet when this was posted. Good shit Drake.


Lmao!!! This is the first photo on his gram. Not a damn thing changed besides his popularity. I love the caption because about 10 years later he still refers to himself as Duddus as his Fortnite gamertag was TheBoyDuddus. And the fact it’s still with Niko shows us exactly who Drake is. A1 since Day 1!

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