Nicki Minaj Is LOSING Her Mind!


Let me get this on record. I’m a Nicki fan.  In an industry dominated by men, she’s held her own and more. She exploded onto the scene with Young Money, who needs introduction.  She will go down in history as one of the best, if not the best, female rapper of all time.

Nicki has the most Billboard Hot 100 Hits of any female artist.  Last year she surpassed the late Aretha Franklin with 76.  She is a global icon and beyond successful.

With that being said, someone tell Nicki to shut the **** up.  185k first week is an impressive number.  Why is she crying she hasn’t been the number one album for the last two weeks?  Shout out to Young LaFlame (he in Sicko Mode) for dropping a great album that is rightfully sitting at #1.

People like to hop on Twitter to complain, rant, and whine.  Nicki Minaj is no exception.  Recently she has been in the headlines for slamming Travis Scott and blaming Spotify for hurting her debut album sales.

She argued that Travis Scott’s inclusion of his album with merchandise and ticket sales for his upcoming tour was why her album debut has not yet peaked at #1 on the charts yet. BUT SHE DID THE SAME THING.  Nicki used similar promotion tactics.  And I mean similar.  Fans who purchased a ticket bundle for her upcoming tour with Future, NICKIHNDRXX, also received the tour merchandise and a copy of her album, Queen. So this excuse for slumping first week sales: INVLAID.

She also whined that Spotify was “punishing” her for debuting her album first on Apple Music. Excuses.  Spotify is in the business of making money.  This excuse: ALSO INVALID.

Oh, and let’s not forget the slick move Nicki just pulled.  She’s added FEFE to her album.  FEFE was Tekashi 6ix9ine’s song.  Nicki was the feature on it.  FEFE peaked at #4 on the Billboard Top 100 since its July 22ndrelease.  This is a clear move by Nicki to try and get her album to hit #1.  I wonder how many new chains she bought him so that she can have it?

There is only one explanation for Nicki’s recent out lashes and behavior – she is SHOOK.  Cardi B has this woman trembling.  Nicki has been untouched for years.  She hasn’t had a female counterpart compete with her… ever. However, Cardi B has emerged as a very serious threat to dethrone Nicki, as the best female rapper in the game.

In 2018, Cardi has outshined Nicki.  Hands down. So, it’s easy to see why Nicki is stressin’ about her album sales and not being “number 1”.  It’s nice to finally see another chick give Nicki a challenge for the top spot.

Cardi B’s debut album, Invasion of Privacy, did extremely well, selling 255k units the first week.  It beat out Nicki Minaj’s Queen’sfirst week sales of 185k units by 70k units – IMPRESSIVE.  Don’t let their collab on Motorsport fool you, there is still lowkey beef between the two. Well at least on Nicki’s end.  Cardi’s mix of personality, looks, body, and bars is definitely keeping Nicki up at night.

Competition brings out the best in us.  It pushes us to be great and to constantly work to get better.  Its easy to get complacent at the top.  Nicki’s been dominant for so long, she’s never had a serious threat such as Cardi B.  Is her run as “Queen” almost over?  Or will Nicki overcome the pressure of a rising threat, and emerge the clear QUEEN of hip-hop?  Only time will tell, but I’ll tell ya what – I’m here for it.  I want to see these two beef.  Then I want them to drop a surprise collab album afterwards.  Nicki, let this be a warning to you: “Cardi is coming” (shout out to my Game of Thrones fans).


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