First Listen: ‘Slime Language’

FINALLY! That’s all I can say. It been a minute since we got a Thug project. With ‘Super Slimey’ being somewhat disappointing, this was the project we needed. ‘Slime Language’ is filled with some chill beats and great vocalists. Using guitars and soft synths on most of the tracks, this album is straight VIBES. Also it doesn’t really feature many rappers. People didn’t realize that the album is by “Young Thug and YSL Records”. So most of the features are his label mates. This is the main reason Gunna is on almost every track. Before listening to it, I thought it would get annoying hearing him on every other song, but it actually worked out pretty good for  both of them. So far I gotta say this project was well worth the wait.


Early Rating: 8/10

Biggest Songs: “Chanel”, “It’s a Slime”,

Favorite Song: “January 1st

Sleepers: “Dirty Shoes”, “Chains Choking Me”, “Gain Clout”



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