The Timely Comeback of Tyga

It’s been a damn minute since we’ve seen Tyga in the spotlight. Over the past few years it was for all his relationship drama with Blac Chyna. Once that ended, he appeared in all the headlines for his rollercoaster relationship with Kylie Jenner. But now it seems like he is back on track. After going platinum with his latest single “Taste“, he released another banger titled “SWISH“. His latest hit uses samples from David Banner’s “Play” as well as the reputable Juvenile line “girl you look good won’t you back that ass up”. Aside from the dope samples used, Tyga actually spits some fire and seems like he is back to his old ways.

The last time Tyga had a banger we were in 2014. He had just released a joint album with Chris Brown and it was taking the world by storm. “Ayo” was the biggest songs in the world and it wasn’t just because of Chris Brown. At the time Tyga was a hit maker and had the radios on his side. The former Young Money superstar came out with a series of gems year after year. Songs like “Rack City”, “Faded”, “Make It Nasty”, “Wait for a Minute”, and “Hookah” were blasting through speakers nonstop. But after his collab album with CB, something was missing. Tyga still put out music but he just didn’t sound the same. Anything he had dropped in that timeframe never even seen the charts and the only song to get air time was “Feel Me” with Kanye. Nothing was getting attention and his ability to make bangers were lost.

Four years later, it seems like Tyga is having fun again. He released two summer singles and is back in the news for his music. He recently appeared on L.A. Leakers to freestyle over the “Big Bank” beat. And if you ask me, I think he is back on track. Maybe it was the drama, maybe it’s his new hair, but hopefully Tyga got his swagger back and gives the fans what they deserve.



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