Why Bhad Bhabie is Better Than You Think

If you aren’t familiar with Bhad Bhabie yet, now would be the time to know her. Most of you probably know her as Danielle Bregoli, the viral “catch me outside, how bout dat'” girl from a Dr. Phil episode. But since then, 15 year-old hip-hop diva has taken the world by storm.  Between her music and distinct personality, she has amassed 14.7 million instagram followers and averages over 50 million views per youtube video. Say what you want about her but those numbers are damn impressive.

As a rapper she is just getting started. Only a year and some change in the game and she is already rising up the ladder. With songs like “Gucci Flip Flops“, “Hi Bich (Remix)“, and “Trust Me“, Bhad Babie shows the ability to make bangers. On top of that she even attracts some top notch talent such as Ty$, Lil Yachty, and Rich The Kid. Not too bad given her age and experience.

Many people believe that Ms. Bregoli is only where she is because of her viral video, but we believe otherwise. Out of all the viral videos in the world maybe 1/1000 make name for themselves. Take Terrio for an example. Since his “ooh kill em” video went around the internet he had his 15 minutes of fame and is pretty much obsolete from the spot light. But Bhad Babie is on a different level. Yes, her 10 minutes on Dr. Phil definitely helped jumpstart her career, but she has actual talent. With a southern style of rap, she gets pretty aggressive on tracks. Taking shots at haters and bragging about her come up, she actually raps meaningful content. Given today’s state of hip hop, she actually sounds better than a good amount of rappers out right now. Not many people take her seriously yet and she is still out performing a lot of artists. You might think she is a fad, but Bhad Babie is here to stay.

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