Five Must Watch Freestyles: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the “Five Must Watch Freestyles” by RhymeSource.  After watching another 50 videos of freestyles,  we came up with another five that NEED to be seen. This time around we tried to mix it up with the artist from part 1 but as you’ll see below, it was hard to do that. Once again, we’re going to write a quick analysis of each freestyle and then quote our favorite lyric from each one.


1. A$AP Mob – Funk Flex (2014)

If you haven’t heard ASAP Rocky freestyle yet, just catch up. The man is amazing at what he does. The flow, the lyrics, the punchlines… it’s too easy. In this video he brings the rest of A$AP Mob and they all tear it up. At one point him and Ferg trade off lines and it is straight fire. Although they all killed it Rocky was the star of the show going off the top of his head without any major hiccups.

Favorite line: “ Til’ 50 Cent run up and take your chain, he aint gonna do that to me cause I got that thang”



2. Lil Dicky – Tim Westwood (2016)

Lil Dicky is known for his lyrics and flows and this freestyle proves why. He hops on Drake’s “Hype” instrumental and absolutely destroys it. Honestly might have better bars than the actual song. With clever lines and his sense of humor this Lil Dicky Freestyle goes to show how easy it is for him. He’s a very underrated rapper making a name in the game.

Favorite line: “With a bitch hot as asphalt, b**ch wonder why I’m cumming quick it’s your ass’ fault”



3. Childish Gambino – Sway in the Morning (2013)

This freestyle is pretty well known with around 17 million views on Youtube. In this freestyle Gambino rips Drake’s “Pound Cake”. In a soft monotone voice he shows his flow and rhyme scheme. One of the dopest parts is mid freestyle when he stops to talk about having money but then picks up right where he left off. As one of the most talented rappers out, this was a light freestyle but still to fire.

Favorite line: “So nerdy but the flow wordy, brain freezing with the flow slurpy”




4. Juice WRLD – Big Boy TV (2018)

I apologize for two reasons. I know we used Juice in part 1 but this man is too damn good. Also this is in fact the 3rd Drake instrumental in a row. Whoops! Aside from that, Juice is back at it again ripping another beat. After his Westwood freestyle, he’s been on show after show doing the same damn thing. As always, he kills it without even trying.

Favorite line: ” Magnum in my pocket thats a gun or a condom, gotta protect myself and I gotta wrap up anaconda”



5. Damian Lillard – Sway (2015)

Damian Lillard is not a stranger to the rap game. Obviously known for his skills in on the NBA court, he’s proved time and time again that he can rap his ass off. (Skip to 3:00 to see when he starts). Damian raps over “Dead Presidents” talking about his life growing up in the hood and how he came up. The freestyle itself wasn’t that long, but he showed very impressive skills especially as an athlete.

Favorite line: ” Childhood friends dropping like leaves when its Autumn”


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