Five Must Watch Freestyles: Part 1

So the other day I thought I would be watching one freestyle video on Youtube but one quickly became like 50. After watching all these freestyles, I decided to make my wasted time useful and blog about it. So what I’m going to do is write a quick analysis of my 5 freestyles and then quote the best lyric from each one.


1.  Fabolous – Funk Flex (2010)

I mean if you expected anything other than heat, you played yourself. Fab been doing this for years and naturally, it was fire. He opened up with BMF by Rick Ross then spits over an old school beat (I am unsure of the instrumental). He killed both beats and  every bar included skilled wordplay and punchline…..Nothing new here.

Favorite line: “Sky blue J’s looked like I stomped a Smurf”



2. Nick Cannon’s Cast – Tim Westwood Freestyle (2016)

Damn it honestly kills me to put Nick Cannon’s name in 5 of my favorite anything but thankfully he is not the main reason I am. If you were smart enough, you would skip his part to see the real reason I posted this and go right to Hitman Holla and Conceited. If you are familiar with the rap battle scene you know these two are pros at what they do. And if you are a fan of Nick Cannon’s “Wild N’ Out”, you know they spit fire there as well.  They are the main reason I posted this. Nick and DC Young Fly (Instagram star) both mess around with some corny verses,  but the other two were straight FIRE!!

Favorite line: “The chopper go brrrrraatttt, the top missing like the letter U”



3. Juice WRLD – Tim Westwood (2018)

I’m going to keep this one short and simple. 1 hour freestyle,  off the top, 14 different beats, KILLED IT! I do not know why this wasn’t just a mixtape but….thankfully our good people at RhymeSource turned it into one. Click here to listen to Juice WestWRLD on Soundcloud.

Favorite line: “Suicide if you try to take my drugs, homicide if you try to rob my plug”


4. King Los – Sway in the Morning (2015)

A very underrated rapper doing extraordinary things. If you’re not familiar with 5 fingers of death on Sway, a rapper pretty much raps over 5 beats. But in this one Los is challenged by Sway by rapping different words or phrases chosen by Sway mid freestyle. So not only does he has to switch his flow for each beat, he has to stop his rhythm to include those random words in his rap. He showed out and killed it.

Favorite line: “Thats preposterous, I’m hip hops rhinoceros, and you’re just ostrich shit”


5. A Boogie and Don Q – Funk Flex (2016)

Honestly A Boogie is the boy, but this was all Don Q. A Boogie was decent but it sounded more like a produced a song. Don Q came in hard. His deep voice over the “She Wildin” beat was too tough.

Favorite line: “School of hard knocks is the classes taken, sad to say I been to more funerals than graduations”


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