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If you have seen Chris Brown please return him to hip-hop.


It’s honestly so painful to say this, but Chris Brown has officially fallen off. What was once this 16-year-old hip-hop phenom is now your average artist. I remember the first time watching Chris Brown in the “Run It” music video and just thinking “WOW”. Not only can the kid sing his ass off, but he dances like no other. At the time there were only two big names that were recognized for being able to do both. Michael Jackson and Usher. Pretty good company to be in right. And for quite some time he was able to prove that he belongs in the same category. Fast forward about 13 years later and Chris Brown is not that same icon he once was.

Before we go into more detail I just want to clarify that this article is not meant to bash Chris Brown by any means necessary. I just want to strictly compare his prime to where he is now. In doing so I’m going to name off some of his songs early in his career then name his most recent singles.


Run it, Yo (Excuse Me Miss), Say Goodbye, Wall to Wall, Kiss Kiss, With You, Take You Down, No Air, Crawl, Forever, Yea 3x, She Ain’t You Look At Me Now, Loyal, Deuces, Beautiful People


Privacy, Grass Ain’t Greener, Questions, High End, Party, Tempo, Stranger Things, Pills and Automobiles, and a few other songs not even worth mentioning.

Granted not all of the recent songs named above are bad, but they’re just not the Chris Brown we grew up on. Look at his older songs. Every older song mentioned has a place in history. Timeless pieces of music. Take a song like “Questions”. By all means that song is a banger. But then compare it to a song like “Yea 3x”. Do you see the difference. “Questions” came and went so fast but “Yeah 3x” still gets play ’til this day.

There’s no denying that Chris Brown is one of the best music artist of all time. The songs he made and the performances he put on at every award show is something every young artist dreams of. At 16 years old this kid was doing what others work their ass off for. And for those other artists that want to be part of the VMA, BET, MTV, and Billboard, award shows, it doesn’t happen often. This is a once in a lifetime thing and Chris Brown was doing it year in and year out. His talent is un matched. But over the last few years, that same fire he brought to the industry is not the same. His songs aren’t guaranteed classics, he doesn’t perform as often, and his features have became simple. Maybe it was all the nonsense he had to deal with (Rihanna, daughter, court cases, etc) from blowing up so fast at a young age, but hopefully he will get back into his groove and become the legend he once was. Whether it’s just a phase or just doesn’t have his heart in music any more hopefully we get on more project for the history books.





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