YG & 2 Chainz: New Bond, New Money

After 2 Chainz dropped his hit single “Proud”, a special bond was formed. Although the song featured both YG and Offset, a certain chemistry was formed between 2 Chainz and YG. On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, 2 Chainz performed “Proud”. With the absence of Offset, there was no doubt that YG would come through for the featured performance. Click here to see the live performance. It’s definitely worth the watch.

Fast forward a few months later and YG drops “Big Bank” with 2 Chainz, Big Sean, and Nicki Minaj. Not only was 2 Chainz hand picked for the song, but he was picked to be the first featured verse as well. When it was time for the video shoot, 2 Chainz was riding passenger in YG’s ride (via Instagram story) as the two arrived together. They were both enjoying the ride with each other as any other pair of friends would. On both 2 Chainz and YG’s Instagram stories you can see them singing and laughing together as if they were high schoolers using Snapchat. It was quite entertaining to see two rappers being so down to earth. You can tell how comfortable they feel around each other to just be themselves and nothing more.

Not too long after the release of Big Bank, Rich The Kid announced he would drop “Plug Walk Remix”. Although it is still unreleased, it included the dynamic duo of YG and 2 Chianz alongside with Gucci Mane. There is no particular reason why 2 Chainz and YG are both features on this song, but i’m sure one thing lead to another and they were able to hop on it together. After the release of the remix, this would be the third song including the two rappers in only a 4 month span.

To be honest, I think what they got going on here is great. Not only do they make great records as a duo but they seem to be having fun while working together. And the two different styles combined adds a new flavor to hip hop. The southern (Atlanta) style and accent mixed with the west-coast (Compton) gangster flow sound really good on tracks together. Who would’ve thought? Hopefully we see a lot more from these two in the future. Perhaps new tracks, a tour, or maybe even a collaborative tape. Whether this bond grows or fades away, at least we got to enjoy what they did so far.

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