2018 Missing Freshman List

Leave it to XXL to leave some of the biggest artists in 2018 off of their list. Minutes after XXL Magazine announced their annual freshman class, social media took it into their own hands to make it known why they screwed up. But after reading some of the tweets and suggestions, it was pretty easy to agree with the angered fans. Pictured up top are the best four artist that the RhymeSoruce team believes should have made the cut.

Before some of you readers get angry, this is how this article is going to broken down.  First we will talk about why these four deserve their spot. Then we will talk about who did not deserve a spot on the actual list. Lastly, since we decided to stop only at four artists, we will talk about honorable mentions at the end. So here we go.


Cardi B. 

HOW………..HOW, HOW, HOW. Honestly there’s not much to be said here. We all know Cardi and what she means to the industry. Not only as a freshman but as an artist and person in general. I do not understand why she is left off but it is quite clear that Cardi B deserves a spot over every artist on that list. Within once year of releasing “Bodak Yellow” Cardi B has taken the game by storm. Constantly being on Billboard’s Hot 100 as well as having a number 1 album, there is no reason Cardi should be left off this list. Even without the album her other accomplishments are far superior to her competition. “Bodak Yellow” as a single is one of the most iconic songs 2017-2018 has heard. Then to add to that she was also an important feature on hit songs like “Finesse”, “Motorsport”, and “No Limit”. These songs has put her right to the top. And that’s not counting her album. “Invason of Privacy” was a #1 album for 2 weeks when it was released with hit singles like “Be Careful” and “I Like It” still trending on the charts. I can go on and on about why she deserves this but I’m just going to stop here for the sake of time.

Youngboy Never Broke Again (NBA) 

This one was pretty surprising as well. Granted he is not as recognized as some artist that made the list, but he is definitely well known and has a better track record than some artist on the list. At only 18 years old, this kid has done a lot to deserve some respect. With over 4 million followers on social media, it is clear to say he has a solid fan base as well as love from the hip-hop community. Artists like Meek Mill, 21 Savage, Boosie, Young Thug and others have shown support towards his music. With singles like “No Smoke” and “Outside Today” both making it to the radio, we still wonder why he was snubbed.


Before someone calls BS on this one, just hear me out. Obviously this might be a little controversial but as much as people hate him, people do love him. 6ix9ine might receive the most criticism for what he does but all of that just makes him a bigger artist. It seems like he is always in the news for doing something crazy, being ignorant, or starting beef. But this attention just adds to the cause as to why he should be here. His fanbase is crazy with over 6 million followers on social with only a handful of songs. And although he does not have a page full of songs, his first six singles all made it to Billboard’s Hot 100 proving the fact that he gets A LOT of love.  Think what you want about 6ix9ine but when it comes to music, he is killing it.

Tee Grizzley

Probably the smallest (not in size) artist out of the four mentioned, Tee Grizzley made a name for himself this year. Once LeBron James sang “First Day Out” via Instagram story, things began to take off for Tee Grizzley.  His most recent album “Activated” has been trending since its release in May. With additional help from the hip-hop community hew was able to pull in features from Chris Brown, Lil Pump, Yachty, Jeezy, and other to load up his album. After doing pretty good streaming numbers it is hard to see why Tee Grizzley did not make the cut.

How and Why?

I would love to argue that some of the artists named above did not deserve a spot on the list but when looking at their competition, there are only to questions to ask…. how and why? First artist that is one of the most questionable is Wifisfuneral. No disrespect to the guy, but he only has one big song to make a statement. And his biggest song is the least famous amongst his peers. Although there is potential for him, 2018 was not a big year for him. Maybe next year. Next artist I would take off would be J.I.D. Although did get a lot of love for his hit single “Never”, anything else he dropped did not get much play. His next best song on Spotify has about 3 million streams which is nearly nothing when being compared to our list or the original list. Lastly I don’t want to take anything away from these two artist about to be named but to replace four I think it comes down to YBN Nahmir and Blocboy JB. Both have had a decent year but in comparison to our list, they dont stack up. YBN Nahmir has “Rubbin off The Paint” which definitely deserves its respect as does “Bouce Out With That”. But that is really it. And for Blocboy, I mean many would argue that he would be no where without the help of Drake. I wouldn’t completely agree with that statement because he does have a few good songs like “Shoot” and “Rover” that do not include Drake, but at the same time “Look Alive” is what probably even got those songs recognized to begin with.

Honorable Mentions

Although some artist did not make our list or XXL’s it is only right they receive an honorable mention for the work they have put in this year. So here we go. RyhmeSource would like to give out honorable mentions to Jaden Smith, Lil Baby, MoneyBagg Yo, Famous Dex, Rich Brian (Rich Chigga), and Bhad Babie. Though most of these people are still pretty new in hip-hop, maybe we will see them part of the 2019 class.

2017-2018 has been a hell of a year for new artists and new music. Now we just wait and see who makes it and who falls off.

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