Drake: Music King Turned Video King?

By now I am sure you have all seen Drake’s latest music video for his hit single “Im Upset” If not click the link right here and watch it ASAP! For those fans of “Degrassi”, this music video will hit right in the feels. Once again Drake was able to break the internet with an ultimate “Degrassi” reunion in his music video. It featured the main cast as well as the high school set used to film the show. With all the drama going on with Drake right now, he made it easy to forget everything with one simple video.

Aside from the “I’m Upset” video, Drake has been on a roll with his last few music videos. In “Nice For What” his team was able to pull a star studded list of women to appear in a cameo. Some of those women include Issa Rae, Tracy Ellis Ross, Rashida Jones, Zoe Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez, and a few others. To pull something like that off is special and is what people want to see in music videos nowadays.  Fresh, new, and innovative. Let’s not forget what happened after the video for “Hotline Bling” dropped. Social media went nuts. Then fast forwards a few years later and he’s back at it with “God’s Plan”. To take a viral song and then make it a viral video is not the easiest thing in the world and yet Drake seems to have the formula.

Not only is he doing it in his own music videos, he will bring the creativity to songs he is featured in as well. The Migos “Walk It Talk It” music video is pure gold. First off, who could ever get Migos to do something as good as that? Putting a 70’s spin on a modern day song is genius. No one in their right mind would think that dance moves from the 70’s would fit with such a song….. but guess what? It did. And it was highly enjoyable to watch. Not only that, the music video was also able to feature a nice cameo from singer/actor Jamie Foxx where he played the role of a host. As the host they even stopped the music to a go into a cut scene to play a mini game asking “which way does the culture  ride go?”. Of course the answer was “DAT WAY”. Then with the costumes and outfits added on top of that. It was too easy for this video to take off aside from the songs itself.

Of course it is quick to rent a Rolls Royce, a couple of instagram models, and a mansion to make a video, but thats just too simple. Drake puts the effort into his videos as he does his songs and it pays off. Like mentioned before it is not easy to make a viral video but yet Drake keeps coming back with more and more. As the album approaches towards the end of this month I’m sure Drake will be back with another video to break the internet.

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