A Boogie: The Next Best Thing

Yesterday Artist aka ‘A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’ took it to the gram to announce his next album titled “The International Artist”. Under the post the caption read “8 Songs, 8 different Vibes from Across the Globe”. Honestly not many people will understand the talent it takes to do something like this. The actual skill A Boogie has is unprecedented. He can pretty much hop on any type of beat and find out a way to make it a hit. On his Hot97 Freestyle with Funk Flex he starts spitting on an old school style beat showing his lyrics and flow. But towards the end of the freestyle he starts singing on the same beat. His ability to find the rhythm to any beat is unique. Take a look at a song like “Bad Girl” then compare it to a song like “Say A“. Two completely different beats and styles. On “Bad Girl” the instrumentals are designed for an R&B song but he chooses to rap over it. Then on “Say A” where most people would rap, he chooses to sing-rap (just made the term up to imply rapping while singing. Something similar to what Drake does). THE KID DOES IT ALL. He’s very smart about the direction he chooses to go with different instrumentals and the styles/tones he chooses to make a song. So after the announcement of his new album, that leaves us with one question. What is he cooking up? 8 different vibes is something most artist cant do. But I guess thats why his name is Artist. Being only 22, it is doubtful A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has came close to his full potential. He still has a lot work to put in but at the rate he’s moving, we might have  a future star on our hands.

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